Finding Community

So great to hear the experiences and life lessons of others who are pushing past self doubt to share their art with the world. Love these conversations.



Loved this new podcast! Great rapport, very relatable, good practicable suggestions on working through procrastination and overwhelm. Looking forward to future topics. Thanks!


Great podcast!

This is a great subject for a podcast cause I think most people, especially artists, suffer from the procrastination syndrome – I know I do! I really think Nikki & Laura will help me head in the right direction or at least help to stop putting things off until later.

 Isabelle Gagnon

A great addition to my podcast listening

“I love the easy relationship between Laura and Nikki! It’s like listening to two good friends talk about their lives as artists….WAIT It IS two good friends talking about their lives as artists. And that is what makes the podcast so approachable and fun to listen to.

I love that Laura and Nikki are bringing their own experiences to the process of being an artist. We are all in this process together and learning from each other is a time honored form of wisdom sharing.

I look forward to future episodes!”

 Susan J Mecca


As an artist I’m always looking to find something to motivate me, inspire me and hopefully learn lots along the way. This podcast does it all. It’s the perfect guide to just get out there and create the art business you’ve been dreaming of.



I look forward to each new episode of Startist Society! There are always valuable take aways and ideas I can immediately apply to my art and creative business. Laura and Nikki make a great team!


Practical and down-to-earth

Approachable and friendly, with lots of valuable insights and tips. You don’t need to have a business to benefit from listening. Anyone who has a creative practice they want to develop will find support here.


Entertaining & Insightful

Whether you’re well established or just getting started…this is a must listen! Nikki and Laura do an incredible job leading the conversations about fear, procrastination and a whole lot more. It’s gives you a nice push in the right direction to just get started. I highly recommend listening and subscribing!

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