meet laura & nikki

Laura Lee Griffin & Nikki May

Laura Lee Griffin

Laura is a self-taught artist, surface designer, educator, and musician living in Dallas, TX.

She believes deep in her heart that we’re all creative beings and loves teaching others what she’s learned. Over the past 12 years, Laura has taught more than 120 live workshops on coloring with Copic markers, watercolor and fiber arts. She also teaches on Skillshare.

When she isn’t covered in ink or illustrating on her iPad, you can find Laura recording music in her home studio (where her dog, Gus, likes to sing along) or planning her next big travel adventure. In recent years, she’s camped across Southern New Zealand, volunteered in Tanzania, Africa, painted canvases in Bali, hiked the Atlas mountains in Morocco, and gone on desert safari in the Middle East. These adventures filter their way into her artwork and she looks forward to sharing them with you!

Follow along with Laura’s latest adventures on Instagram and learn more about her classes, artwork, and music at

Nikki May

Nikki is an artist, illustrator, surface designer, branding and web designer living in the historic little river city of Paducah, Kentucky.

After an accidental 10 year career as a creative director for IBM, Nikki (and dozens of other artists from around the country) moved from Atlanta to Paducah as part of their award-winning Artist Relocation Program. She traded cubicles and conference rooms for the home studio she shares with two big dogs and a cat named Pixel. She has a wide variety of interests and skills, including drawing, encaustic mixed media, jewelry design, surface pattern design, web design and development and logo design.

Nikki also loves to travel and will happily jump on a plane to spend three months in Mexico by herself or hop in the car and drive cross country with her favorite travel companion, her two-year-old pit bull, Rocket. In between trips, she can be found on her MacBook or iPad working in the backyard when the weather is nice or in her studio trying to keep Pixel out of the melted wax.

See what Nikki is up to and what print on demand products she’s applying her art to on her website or Instagram. 


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